CANVIVA: Natural, Pure, Effective Full Spectrum CBD (Review + 2020 Coupon!)

Canviva CBD Review

From the moment we opened the package of CANVIVA, we knew there was something different about this emerging CBD company. 

Not only was each product individually wrapped pleasingly in a soft brown paper and tied with a string of hemp (making it like opening a present), but there was also a brochure included containing all the information about CBD anyone might need. 

While CANVIVA products rolled out to the public in June, the company isn’t exactly new. 

Formerly C4Life, CANVIVA is carrying on the mission and vision of C4Life “to become the most recognizable and trusted brand in the US, the go-to resource for information, education, and the highest-quality products available.” 

To learn more about CANVIVA and give you an in depth look, CBD School sat down with their founders Jim and Dave for a podcast which you can listen to by clicking here.

We think they’re off to a great start. 

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how CANVIVA is working on making their mission and vision a reality. 

Not all CBD is created equal, something CANVIVA clearly understands. 

Whether you’re new to CBD or have been using it for years, everyone deserves an effective, high-quality CBD product they can trust. 

No matter what your experience with CBD, CANVIVA definitely has you covered on quality. 

Inviting you to “maximize your CBD experience” with their line of full spectrum tinctures and topicals, CANVIVA is poised to offer what they referred to in a recent press release to as the “largest line of CBD functional tinctures.”  

CANVIVA is initially offering 10 tinctures (all for different, targeted effects), a pet tincture, and two topical CBD options. 

We think you’re going to get really excited about these tinctures! There’s a targeted effect for anything you need.

CANVIVA: A CBD Company Truly Committed to Quality

Canviva CBD Logo

One of the first things we noticed about CANVIVA (aside from their awesomely appealing packaging) was how committed to quality they really seem to be. 

On the homepage of their website, you’re immediately offered the assurance that they care about the quality of their product. 

CANVIVA knows you want a brand you can trust, as well as CBD products that are pure and effective. 

Remember, the CBD industry is still largely unregulated. Unfortunately, there’s quite a few CBD companies that don’t exactly offer the quality product they claim to. CANVIVA isn’t one of them. 

Here’s what CANVIVA co-founder Dave Rye had to say:

“As a new category with hundreds of brands, retailers and consumers are appropriately concerned about the quality and safety of CBD. We are the only brand to carry the PURE CERTIFIED CBD™ seal which goes beyond industry standards for safety criteria, including CBD oil source and country of manufacture.  We third party test each batch of product and post results on the CANVIVA website so consumers can be assured that the products they purchase deliver exactly what is claimed.”

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What exactly is the PURE CERTIFIED CBD seal? 

  • Made from US-grown organic hemp
  • Fully traceable back to the origins/licensed grower
  • Non-GMO
  • Extracted with food-grade ethanol to preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring compounds in hemp
  • Full spectrum
  • Free of pesticides, residual solvents, and impurities
  • Less than 0.3% THC

So what high-quality products is CANVIVA currently offering? 

Let’s take a look!


Canviva CBD Products

CBD Oil Tinctures

CANVIVA offers CBD oil tinctures designed for specific results. There’s something for everyone.

All the tinctures are made from pure CBD derived from US-grown organic hemp. 

When we say something for everyone – we mean it. 

There’s a tincture for BALANCE, FOCUS, and even one for CALM. And many more! Just see below 🙂

So whatever you need, you can find it with one of the targeted tinctures offered by CANVIVA. 

Want to try them all or more than one? Perfect! CANVIVA has a 30% discount offer on a different tinture every month! Just visit the web shop to learn more.

Pure CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00 ; 1500mg/$130.00

Canviva Pure

Formulated for overall wellbeing. 

Balance CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Balance

Formulated with Fenugreek and Thyme for digestive support.

Focus CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Focus

Formulated with Holy Basil and Lemon Balm for cognitive support.

Calm CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Calm

Formulated with Bergamot and Ylang Ylang for stress support.

Boost CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Boost

Formulated with Coriander and Lemon for energy support. 

Restore CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Restore

Formulated with Turmeric and Ginger for muscle support.

Rest CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Rest

Formulated with Chamomile and Clary Sage for sleep support. 

Pure Mint CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Pure Mint

Formulated with Spearmint and Cardamom for essential mint taste. 

CBD Topicals

CANVIVA topicals are made with the same high-quality CBD used in their tinctures and are “made to target troubled areas.” 

Relieve CBD Roll-On Pain Gel/300mg/$40.00

Canviva Relieve

A cooling roll-on pain gel formulated with Arnica and Aloe for muscle support.

Soothe CBD Oil Balm/300mg/$40.00

Canviva Soothe

Formulated with shea butter, lavender, almond lipids, vitamins, and other nutrients and designed to help soothe any troubled areas. 

CBD for Pets

CANVIVA has your dog or cat covered with their CBD tincture formulated especially for your four-legged, furry friends. 

Pure Pet CBD Oil Tincture/500mg/$65.00

Canviva Pure Pet

Made with Salmon oil for a taste your dog or cat is sure to love. 

What did we think of CANVIVA’s new line of CBD oil products? 

We’ll tell you one thing. 

They’re definitely quality. 

CANVIVA: Our First Hand Review

We’ve reviewed several different CBD products and can easily distinguish the good from the not-so-good. 

CANVIVA is 100% a high-quality CBD product you can trust. 

The color of each tincture was a gorgeous, golden amber, which is typically a tell-tale sign of a quality CBD oil. 

We started out with CANVIVA Pure CBD Oil Tincture. It tastes natural and pure, which is actually something we prefer. 

We tried the entire line of CANVIVA products and found each one had a subtle natural flavor. Depending on the essential oils a particular tincture was formulated with, we found slight hints of flavor but nothing overbearing. 

Because the Pure Mint is formulated for “essential mint taste” we expected it to taste somewhat overbearing and artificial. What we found was completely the opposite. Yes, it had a fresh mint taste but also held onto the natural flavor we found congruent with their other tinctures. 

What we didn’t personally try was the Pure Pet CBD Oil Tincture…but our dogs seemed to love it. Trust us, there have been CBD tinctures they’ve refused in the past. This, they would’ve lapped up the entire bottle if we let them. 

Each dropper-full of all of CANVIVA’s 500mg tinctures contain 16mg of CBD. 

CANVIVA Soothe CBD Oil Balm is thick, exactly like you’d expect any CBD balm to be. We found that it rubbed in smooth and definitely seemed to soothe the tension in our shoulders that never seems to go away. 

CANVIVA Relieve Roll-On Cooling Gel did the trick by relieving muscles that were sore from the yoga class we did the day prior to testing it out. We did notice it didn’t offer as much as a cooling effect as other cooling gels we’ve tried, but it did have a cooling action and definitely worked well to soothe some seriously sore muscles. The cooling effects we did experience were noticeable just a few minutes after application. 

Final Thoughts on CANVIVA CBD

Honestly, we’re sold. 

Not only does CANVIVA carry some of the highest-quality CBD products we’ve tried in a while, but their entire approach is extremely professional. 

Their website offers all the information you might need and is really easy to navigate. 

Their blog is full of useful information, and they even have a video section where you can learn more about CBD.

You’ll also find lab test results easily on each product page. 

If you’re looking for a quality CBD product you can believe in, CANVIVA could become your new go-to. 

Once we finish what we tried, we know we’ll definitely be putting in another order. 

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