Will CBD Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

CBD & Drug Test

Drug tests are common practice in a lot of areas. 

Police officers in many cities and states often have to submit to drug tests. 

Employers in the private sector might also request them as well, either for safety reasons or just as a matter of organizational ethics.

If you happen to work for a company or public sector department that does routine screenings, failing a test could put your career in jeopardy. 

If you're a professional athlete, one failed drug test could send your career down the tubes. 

Drug tests are also common in the criminal justice system as a condition for parole or probation. 

Here, however, the stakes are even higher. Detecting THC or any other illicit substance in your system is a one-way ticket back to jail.

The only thing that could make either of these scenarios worse is if you fail a drug test due to a false positive. Imagine losing your job or even your freedom just because something in your system skewed the result. 

Poppy seed bagels anyone?

Considering the importance of remaining drug-free in such instances, it’s understandable that you might feel a bit nervous about using CBD

After all, CBD does come from cannabis – the genus to which marijuana (cannabis sativa) belongs.

So will CBD make you fail a drug test? 

To answer this question, we’ll need to look at how CBD is obtained, how drug tests work and also cover some preventative steps that you can take.

What is a Drug Test?

Holding Drug Test Application

In this case, the name says it all – it’s a test done to detect the presence of drugs in your system, plain and simple. 

But how do common drug tests work and how are they conducted? 

Urine Tests

We hear about urine drug tests a lot, especially when it comes to professional athletes. The way a urine test works is fairly simple.

Certain drugs can be detected as your body eliminates them through your urine. 

These types of tests are effective at finding a variety of illicit drugs, including marijuana.

The tests vary in complexity. Consequently, some are more reliable and efficient than others.

Blood Tests

Blood tests use blood samples to detect the presence of a variety of different drugs, such as amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. 

Although they are capable of detecting marijuana use, they’re not very reliable in this respect. THC – the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana – only lasts about six hours in the bloodstream for most users. 

People who use it heavily, however, could test positive for up to 24 hours.

Blood tests are the most accurate of them all, according to Addiction Resource, a substance abuse organization. 

However, they’re the least preferred because they cost more than any other method and are “the most invasive of all the drug tests.” 

They also require high-tech medical equipment and trained lab techs.

Saliva Tests

Taking Saliva

Saliva tests are becoming more common for a variety of reasons, and are effective at detecting marijuana use.

One big advantage is that saliva tests are very difficult to cheat. 

Anyone can slip a clean urine sample into the container from behind the privacy of a bathroom door – not so much with saliva.

Using saliva also allows for much faster detection, since testers don’t have to wait for your body to pass the drug through urine.

These types of tests are also non-invasive and allow for quick collection and processing of samples. 

This makes them particularly handy if law enforcement wants to draw a clear connection between impairment and the presence of certain drugs in your system.

Hair Follicle Tests

Hair tests can detect the presence of marijuana (and other illicit substances) 90 days or even more. 

They rely on trace amounts of the drug being collected in the hair follicle, which can then be easily detected. 

It’s important to note, however, that these tests generate more positive results than any other. 

This is due to the wide timeframe that other tests simply don’t cover.

Understanding the Source of CBD Oil

Cannabis In Test Tubes

When it comes to marijuana testing, THC is the culprit that gives you away. 

Drug tests are testing for the presence of THC. 

This is where the fundamental difference lies – and why CBD shouldn’t create a positive result.

The oil we write the most about, , is extracted from the hemp plant, a member of the cannabis genus that contains only minute traces of THC. 

The level is so low, in fact, that CBD hemp oil isn’t treated as a controlled substance.

Regular CBD cannabis oil, on the other hand, comes from the cannabis sativa (marijuana) plant and is guaranteed to contain enough THC to trigger a test. 

That’s why it’s only available in states with medical or recreational marijuana laws.

Will CBD Hemp Oil Cause a Failed Drug Test (i.e. a False Positive)?

On the surface, you’d think that something with so little THC wouldn’t show up on a drug test. 

And for the most part, this is true. However, there can be exceptions.

One reason why people using CBD hemp oil fail drug tests is that the product they bought wasn’t exactly sold as advertised. 

Remember, hemp does still contain a minute amount of THC. 

It’s possible that the plant used in their particular brand had a bit more THC than intended. 

Some manufacturers might not care about compliance in this respect – a serious legal gamble.

The reason above is why we always stress getting your CBD products from a reputable brand who provides lab reports indicating exactly how much THC is in their finished products.

The second reason why a CBD hemp oil user could fail a drug test for the presence of THC is due to heavy use. 

Full spectrum CBD hemp oil products are allowed to contain up to 0.3% THC. 

The more of these products you use, the more THC you are taking into your system.

Sure 0.3% THC is pretty insignificant when you compare it to the common 10 – 20% THC levels of recreational cannabis products. 

But think about it. If you ingest large amounts of 0.3% THC CBD hemp oil on a regular basis, you are going to be taking in significant amounts of THC.

Another factor to consider is your individual metabolism and lifestyle. 

The way your body processes THC will likely vary from the way any other person processes THC. 

There are too many variables to be able to predict how long the THC will stay in your system.

The people who need to be especially concerned with this information are those who ingest large amounts of CBD hemp oil on a regular basis.

Fortunately, there are solutions which we will share with you below. Keep reading.


Hemp Leaves On Wooden Background

Make sure you evaluate your CBD hemp oil source. 

Just because a website has pretty pictures and nice testimonials doesn’t mean they’re not peddling a substandard product.

Ask your CBD oil provider for recent lab reports if they're not provided for you on their website. 

Evaluate the cannabinoid profile and make sure the THC levels are not above 0.3% THC.

When it comes to professional or legal matters, it’s critical to have your bases covered. 

You could advise your employer or parole/probation officer, for instance, of your CBD use. 

Since this product is a supplement, it’s no different than a multivitamins in the eyes of the law. 

But there’s no guarantee that this will be satisfactory. 

Your best bet is to let the powers that be know ahead of time and get their permission first. A doctor’s note will be helpful to back you up.

Finally, consider using a CBD isolate and products made from CBD isolate. CBD isolate is pure CBD with no THC. 

The CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and isolated to be packaged into finished products.

With the increasing popularity of CBD, you can find just about any products (tinctures, capsules, edibles, vape, and topicals) made only with CBD isolate. 

These products are ideal for athletes and workers who are subject to regular drug tests.

With CBD isolate products we still suggest you check the lab report to ensure the product is truly free of THC.

I've said it a million times and I will continue to say it again: using CBD isolate products with zero THC is the best way to avoid testing positive for THC in your system.

Concluding Remarks

Molecular Structure Of CBD

Considering the growing anecdotal and scientific evidence for CBD as a therapeutic supplement, it would be a shame if you lost your job or went to jail for using CBD to improve your life. 


In this article, we covered the following information:

– Common drug screening methods include urine, blood, saliva and hair tests.

– The foolproof way to avoid failing a drug screening is to use ZERO THC products

– Tests vary in terms of accuracy, cost, application and timescale.

– When searching for marijuana use, drug tests look for THC in your system, not CBD.

– CBD hemp oil contains little THC (0.3%) but any product which contains THC carries the risk of coming up on a drug screening.

– Some reasons why CBD hemp oil users might fail a test are:

1. The CBD product is mislabeled or improperly processed and contains more than 0.3% THC.
2. The user is regularly taking a high dosage of CBD hemp oil.

– Be careful and think ahead if your employer or organization requires regular drug testing.

Eir Health CBD Products

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  • Robert Grogan says:

    I just failed a UA and was subsequently fired from my job. I’ve worked there for 12 years. I have not used marijuana in nearly 10 years. I was using Thoughtcloud Full Spectrum CBD oil for stress, anxiety, and general inflammation. NOW WHAT?

  • Hey Robert. I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately with a full spectrum oil, there’s always a risk to fail for THC. My advice is to try to speak to your former employer and explain to them the situation — that you were not using marijuana. Again, I am sorry to hear about your situation.

  • Paul Crocker says:


  • Cj says:

    Will CBD hemp flowers show up in a UA
    The label says its
    14.24% cbd
    0% delta 9 THC
    .37% THCa

  • Hello and thanks for your question. It’s possible to fail a drug test when using this product because of the THC content. Although the THC content is small, there’s still a possibility it will be detected. I hope that helps you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Boog says:

    I haven’t smoked in two years but took two hits off vape cbd and failed drug hair test.

  • Hey Boog. I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know what the exact product you were using was or what the THC content was?

  • Gina Lee says:

    I am in the lab testing field and toxicology is super sensitive these days. Not much you can hide. Urine is much more sensitive & accurate than you actually emphasized-so people reading that-please make note that unless it is some old testing machine-it will pick up thc in cbd oil from a regular user. Saliva is very dicey. Because the window to catch the drug is MUCH shorter AND the method of testing has to be done JUST SO. There is more room for error. Many people do not use hair or blood testing. Those are not everyday tests.
    I do agree that people just need to stay away from cbd oils with THC if they are working in a place that has random drug testing. Our bodies have different reactions on different days to what we ingest.and. If we are a slow metabolizer of this oil, and it has THC, we could be accumulating an amount that would be detectable.

  • John Coffey says:

    Can I play your videos in my store?

  • Hi John. You sure can! 🙂

  • user says:

    Thanks for another wonderful time-waste that doesn’t answer any questions.

  • Thanks for the feedback! 🙂

    What are your questions? Happy to help!

  • Joy Brooks says:

    I failed a hair follicle drug test recently. I’m a heavy user of CBD oils and topicals. I can proudly say I’m 52 and prescription drug free. My question: can a daily smoker of THC cause you to fail a hair follicle test if they touch your hair on a regular basis?

  • Hi Joy. Thanks for your email and question. Are the CBD products you are using Full Spectrum? Do they contain some amount of THC?

  • Mike says:

    I am very very nervous because I just had a random drug test Thursday, today is Saturday now.. I have never taken drugs in my life but wanted to try CBD oil because I heard so many good things and just started trying it a month ago… I an doing 750ml non HTC but I am scared to death it will come back positive and cannot afford to lose my job which is zero tolerance… my thinking before is its hemp and zero HTC but I ask this company not saying I was using but ask would non THC come back positive and he said yes… so now I’m worried as hell…
    I guess I’ll know next week if they call me and say I’m fired … damn I hate this feeling

  • Hey Mike. Sorry to hear that. We completely understand the stress you are experiencing. What was the CBD product you were taking? The more information you can provide, the better we can help 🙂

  • Tariq Lilahk says:

    Hey will this cbd vape make me fail a drug test ?

    I am taking a probation based drug testing and my urine is being sent to a lab. I live in Ohio ! Please help

  • Hi Tariq. Any amount of THC can cause a failed drug test. THC is what causes the failure of drug tests. If there is THC in the product, then there is a risk of a failed drug test.

  • shay says:

    Can cannabis oil with a fairly high % of thc used topically produce a failed UA?

  • Hi Shay. There is always a risk when THC is being ingested in any way. To our knowledge, we don’t know of anyone who has ever failed a drug test due to topical use of a THC containing product. However I am sure it is possible to fail the drug test if enough THC is absorbed into the system.

    I recommend you do your research and also check with the manufacturer of the product to see what they would think.

  • Jen says:

    Hi – If I’m certain a broad spectrum CBD contains zero THC (below lab detectable levels or multiple verified tests), could someone still test positive for THC on a drug test due to the presence of other minor cannabinoids in the oil, such as CBN, CBG, THCA or THCV?
    Also, how often do false positives occur on home tests (the type ordered off Amazon for less than a $1 a strip) or an initial screening test for an employer?
    Is High Performance Liquid Chromatography the very best test out there? If other tests have false positives due to other cannabinoids showing up as THC, would HPLC be reliable in differentiating those cannabinoids from THC? Thank you very much! I hope you have some answers to my detailed questions!

  • Hey Jen. The answer to this question is beyond my level of expertise. You need to consult with a drug test lab or drug testing lab consultant. I don’t want to give you an answer which then impacts your life negatively.

    I know the whole purpose of broad spectrum CBD oils is so that people can use them without worrying about drug tests.

    False positives are always possible with any drug test and that’s why I believe they usually retest if there is an indication of false positive.

    Again – I am not an expert on this. Please check with other resources.

  • Jon says:

    Two questions:
    1. I noticed on a companies lab test it has a line that says LOQ and by the THC it says LOQ 0.15 and then result 0.00 and mg 0.00 does this mean that anything 0.15 or below of THC is possible in the product ?
    2. is something that contains 0.05 % THC enough to build up and cause a positive vaping cbd ?

  • Hi Jon

    Thanks for your insightful questions. I am sure a lot of people are wondering the same exact thing as you.

    1. LOQ stands for limits of quantification. And yes, while I am no expert on lab testing, that does seem to be the case. You understood it correctly.

    2. Although with such a small amount it could be considered unlikely, I always play “better safe than sorry” if whatever reason you are being drug tested for means a lot to you. Any amount of THC is something to be concerned about, especially if it’s as you said building up over time in your system.

    Hope that helps!

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