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Dr. El-Hajj

Dr. Sandra El-Hajj

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Dr. Sandra El-Hajj is a health professional specialized in Preventive Global Health and a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. She received a Masters in Food Science from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, an Epidemiology Degree from Florida International University, and a Doctor of Health Science Degree from Nova Southeastern University. 

Her long years of studies and her eagerness for knowledge and research helped her link together the healthcare field with Epidemiology, Research, Statistics, Food Technology, Environmental & Occupational Health, Preventive Health, and Global Health and Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. El-Hajj made sure to incorporate interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches in her work. With an accumulated work experience of 14 years between Lebanon, Miami, Sydney, London, and the Gulf, she doesn’t believe in boundaries.

Dr. El-hajj established “Live Healthy and Well” in 2011; a group of Wellness Health Reform Activities. She developed the first comprehensive Maternal and Infant Health Policy at the Ministry of Public Health in Beirut, has published three wellness health books, has conducted regional conferences, and became a Health and Wellness spokesperson.

Dr. El-Hajj is passionate about studying populations, analyzing their health status & existing gaps preventing them from living a healthy safe life, and developing reforms and health policies that will help them accordingly. She is active in many types of research related to naturopathic medicine, maternal and infant health, prevention, gut health, cardiovascular health, as well as environmental and occupational medicine.

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre


Dr. Zora DeGrandpre practices naturopathic medicine in rural Washington State and is a professional medical and scientific writer and editor, specializing in naturopathic, functional, botanical and integrative medicine.

Dr. DeGrandpre has degrees in drug design, immunology, and natural medicine and has extensive research experience in cancer and molecular immunology. She has written textbooks in AP Chemistry and Biology as well as textbooks in botanical medicine and the interactions between botanical medicines and pharmaceutics. 

She has written grants, curricula and articles in naturopathic, functional and integrative medicine and is currently writing a textbook chapter on the effects of nutrition on epigenetic changes and the pathophysiology of chronic disease. Dr DeGrandpre writes online courses for medical students around the world and courses for continuing medical education including courses on the rational and evidence-based use of medical marijuana and other cannabis products. 

Dr. DeGrandpre also specializes in formulating rational, evidence-based supplements and has served as a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and as a scientific consultant for legal and nutraceutical questions. 

Dr. DeGrandpre also has an interest in rural and geriatric medicine and serves on the board of the Lewis County Seniors, a 501c3 with a mission to provide nutritional, educational, health and enrichment services for area seniors. She also runs Rural Senior Health Solutions, a 501c3 providing informational seminars, grants, wellness checks and home visits.

Jen Keehn


Jen Keehn is a writer and yoga/meditation teacher focused on inspiring others to live their best lives. As a life-long proponent for legal medical and recreational cannabis access, her primary writing focus has been in the CBD/cannabis space for over five years. 

Toby Thompson


Toby Thompson's writing and artwork have appeared in a few journals and magazines around the United States, and a large collection of his creative work, both visual and literary, can be found on his website.

A long time believer in the power of CBD, Toby especially loves using it for pain relief after long runs and hikes, as well as in the treatment of his stress and depression. 

Saira Zulfiqar


Saira Zulfiqar is a pharmacist with over 15 years of experience. She is a drug, CBD, and rehab expert. She is also a Medical/Scientific Writer who produces top-notch content (reviews, articles, blogs) for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

In her free time, Saira likes to read, watch wildlife documentaries and go on long silent walks in the woods. 

Marion Law


Marion is a writer, content creator, and artist currently living in Toronto Canada area. Her main focus is on educating readers about medical cannabis and hemp CBD as well as natural healthcare practices and herbal home remedies.

Michel moninger


Michel Moninger is a writer and an Occupational Therapy provider in the state of Florida. Focusing on health and pain management, Michel has seen firsthand how CBD can help people get back into their normal routine after anything from car accidents to strokes to joint replacements.

Working in hospitals, nursing homes, sports clinics, and more, Michel has a wide variety of experience to draw from and loves researching new and exciting treatments to help!

Emily Ainslie


Emily Ainslie is a research scientist and medical writer who is fascinated by everything she doesn't understand. Based in Los Angeles, she spends most of her time stuck in traffic but also enjoys hiking, days at the beach, and working in her garden.

Emily believes in CBD's healing power and is excited to see it becoming a mainstream medical treatment option.


Adam Waldbillig


Adam Waldbillig is a Master of Science in Biology Candidate (M.Sc.) investigating the in vitro effects of Cannabis compounds and extracts.  His research in the laboratory is focused on how cannabinoids interact at the tissue level and the complex chemistry of the Cannabis plant. 

Adam wants to pursue a future in the Cannabis field as well as stay up to date on new research through his writing.

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