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CBD School Podcast Ep. 16 – Dr. Know of Cannanda

Welcome to Episode #16 of the CBD School Podcast.  On this episode I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Lee Know, a naturopathic doctor and co-founder of Cannanda.

Cannanda specializes in physician-formulated, condition-specific terpene blends.  Instead of selling terpenes as flavors or concentrates, these are aromatherapy products made to improve the health of users.

With an understanding of the biochemistry of terpenes and physiology of the human body, Cannanda develops products that are not only safe, but they actually work!

Cannanda’s products are manufactured in a FDA & Health Canada-approved, cGMP-certified facility, with full QC & QA.

To read some testimonials, check out Cannanda’s Instagram

Cannanda’s products are available for purchase on Amazon.

You can check out all of their offerings such as the Enhanced Effect and High Achievers Focus Blend by clicking here.


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  • I’m interested in learning more about Cannanda’s product CB2. I tried to find it on Amazon Prime with the link provided and it was no where to be found. I was wondering if they have discontinued selling it or have they temporarily sold out? However, on a side note, the product that was available, which caught my interest was called focus. I can’t recall if this product was mentioned in your podcast. Do you know much about it?

    • Hey JB! Thanks for your comment. From the last time I spoke to Cannanda, I believe they were changing up some of their inventory on Amazon. Best way to get any of your questions answered is to contact them directly through their website. The owners and team are great and will definitely help you out 🙂