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What Does It Feel Like To Vape CBD Oil?


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If you are or ever have been a smoker (cannabis or otherwise), odds are you’ve heard of vaping. Aside of being touted as a “healthy” alternative to cigarette smoking (although this is debatable) and an effective delivery system for cannabinoids from marijuana, many people aren’t always aware of its other uses.

The truth is that people can vaporize all kinds of mixtures, including flavored essential oils, waxes and nicotine-free cartridges. But more importantly for this topic, you can also vape CBD oil. That’s right, the liquid version doesn’t just come in the form of oral drops.

A lot of people might prefer vaping for a variety of reasons, be they practical or frivolous. For instance, you may want to use a vaporizer for your CBD oil because it feels more authentic. Maybe you’re a smoker looking to quit, but you still want to hang out with your friends in the smoking section at work or while out on the town. Or perhaps you’re not a fan of the taste or consistency of CBD oil drops.

Whatever your reason, vaping is certainly a solid option. But if you’re new to this (which we assume you are), obviously you’ll want to know what vaping the oil entails and, more importantly, how it will make you feel.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

The CBD oil we write about the most come from hemp plants — CBD hemp oil. Because of its non-intoxicating properties, you can purchase CBD hemp oil from a variety of retailers in all 50 states without a prescription.

What sets CBD vape oil apart from its oral alternative is the delivery method (which we’ll cover shortly). Typically, the oil comes in cartridges or in refill bottles (depending on the equipment) that are smoked through a vaporizer – it’s as simple as that.

Of course, retailers have taken full advantage of the vaping trend, which tries to make the experience as great-tasting as possible. To that end, there are all kinds of different CBD oil flavors that deliver the desired effect with an awesome flavor to boot. Fruit flavors are pretty popular, but there’s really no end to your choices, depending on where you shop – and there are plenty of options in that area too.

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oil

What is a Vaporizer?

Simply put, a vaporizer is a tool that allows the user to heat up the vape contents and convert them into vapor for inhaling. There’s more than one type of vaporizer out there. Some are for oil, while others are designed for smoking plant matter (cannabis and other dry herbs) or wax. There are even ones out there – although more expensive – that can actually work with all three.

But if you’re new to the vaping trend, then it’s best to start small.

Vape Pens

If you’re looking for something discreet, portable and, of course, cheap, then vape pens are the perfect choice. These can range in price from as little as $30 U.S. and they still effectively deliver the CBD you need.

So how do they work? Despite their simple appearance, these little gadgets are fairly complex. They function by using several different components. Regardless of the vaporizer you choose (pen or otherwise), the formula is similar across the board.

First, we have the mouthpiece. This is pretty self-explanatory. That’s the part that you put in your mouth in order to inhale the vapor.

Next, there’s the tank. This could refer to a physical tank that you refill with liquid, or a slot for disposable, pre-filled cartridges. The tank area holds the liquid so that it can be heated up and smoked.

The third component is called the atomizer. No, it doesn’t destroy or modify atoms. It’s simply a small heater – similar to the convection electric elements on most stoves – that increases the temperature of the oil and turns it into vapor. Some vaporizers allow you to control the temperature, while the heat on basic ones (i.e. pens) can’t be adjusted.

At What Temperature Does CBD Vaporize?

If you’re lucky enough to have a vaporizer with an adjustable temperature, it might be handy to know how much heat is perfect. According to a study from BioMed Central, they were able to vaporize CBD at “210°C and 230°C” (410°F to 446°F), with the latter yielding the highest concentration of CBD vapor.

Vaporizers need to know when they’re hot or in use, which is why they contain sensors. Depending on the vape you use, you might activate the vapor simply by inhaling, but otherwise it’s a heating element that you activate with a switch or button. Either way, sensors are responsible for determining whether or not the user is inhaling, or if the on/off button (or heat amount) is being toggled.

Finally, vaporizers can’t function without a battery – again, pretty straightforward. Vaporizers don’t use regular disposable batteries, but rather a lithium ion rechargeable one built right in. Typically, these come with USB chargers that you can plug into a computer or USB wall adapter.

How Does Vaping CBD Feel (CBD Vape Oil Effects)?

Common sense would dictate that taking in CBD through any medium would ultimately achieve the same thing, but it’s not that simple. Delivery method does ultimately make a difference.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much research specifically into CBD vaping. Consequently, the information in this area is mostly anecdotal.

Fortunately, we have a lot of anecdotal evidence because vaping happens to be one of the top ways that people like to use CBD. People who vape CBD report that it helps them relax, decrease anxiety, and mitigate pain. One of the main reasons people prefer the vaping method is for the speed of its effects.

Vaping CBD provides the fastest onset of CBD effects.


Vaping CBD is the most efficient manner to intake cannabidiol out of all the available delivery methods such as oral, topical, sublingual ingestion.

So why is vaping more efficient? The answer comes down to human biology. CBD, like any compound, needs to reach certain receptors (called cannabinoid receptors) inside your brain and body. In order to do this, the CBD has to get into your bloodstream. Ingesting the chemical takes longer, because it passes through your digestive system to be metabolized by your liver before finally dispersing in your bloodstream. The lungs, on the other hand, work differently.

Let’s go back to high school biology. If you haven’t forgotten those lessons, you might remember how oxygen makes its way into your body. Without being too technical, air is inhaled into the lungs, passes through membranes and is distributed into the bloodstream. The bottom line is that the delivery is more direct and, therefore, much faster.

In short, imagine your digestive system as a two lane road, while your lungs (and vaping) are a four lane express highway.

The trade-off as you may have guessed is that CBD effects from vaping do not last as long as with oral ingestion. This isn’t a problem for most users as they will simply dose more often when vaping CBD.

Concluding Remarks

In the end, there’s no right or wrong way to take CBD hemp oil. Some like tinctures or edible variations, while others prefer vaping. If you’re unsure what you might prefer, it can’t hurt to try different products and methods. But for those who enjoy smoking in general, vaporizers might be a perfect fit.

As always, however, don’t get into CBD without consulting a doctor. Although there’s no evidence that this product is inherently dangerous, it’s always a good idea to cover your bases.


So far, we’ve covered the following:

• CBD vape oil is simply CBD oil meant for use in a vaporizer.

• The oil is available in cartridges or refill bottles, depending on the equipment you use.

• Vaporizers are tools that use heat to convert the content of oils or other materials into vapor, allowing the user to inhale them.

• Although vaporizers come in many forms and functions, a vape pen is the cheapest and simplest, making it perfect for beginners.

• Vaporizers consist of a mouthpiece, tank, atomizer, sensors and battery.

• Customers report that vaping CBD doesn’t hit them as heavily as taking it orally (this could be a positive or negative quality depending on what you’re looking for).

• Although vaping may not be as strong, its effects are consistent and many people do it for the experience.

• Vaping is the fastest way to absorb CBD because it passes directly from the lungs into the bloodstream.

• CBD effects from vaping tend to not last as long as oral ingestion. This can be resolved with more frequent dosing.

Are you ready to try some CBD vape oil today?

What does it feel like to use CBD Vape Oil?
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  • Hi. I’m a total beginner to CBD. I’ve chosen vaping and have my first pen oil based arriving tomorrow. I’m really excited.
    I’m a very anxious person and so much so that it rubs my life. I dong leave the house much at all.
    I’m hoping it will help me with anxiety and all round wellness.
    How much should I vape and I still don’t know how I will feel on using it?

    • Hey Alison, thanks for your question! I hope CBD will help ease some of your anxiety. My best advice is to “start low and go slow”. This is common advice in the cannabis community. Since you don’t know how CBD will affect you, or how much you need, we recommend to take one inhalation of the vape at a time and see how you feel. Take 5 – 10 minutes after each inhalation and see how it feels. You can go a little faster, if you feel comfortable. Just remember to relax and take it easy. There’s no need to rush. Also, I always recommend people let their doctor or healthcare practitioner know they’re starting with CBD or any other new supplement. I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can try to help you with 🙂

      • I’ve tried several of the best CBD oils in 1,000mg and 1,500mg. I can take 15-20 drops and not feel any difference. Still high anxiety, still hypertensive, and still stressed to a T. What gives? I recently bought a vape pen from CBdistillery. It was 200mg. I could take 4 pulls and experience more than a whole bottle of oil could do. I puffed that thing up in 2 days! Even with that the sensation of calmness was short lived. I was hoping for a better CBD experience. Any tips?

        • Hey Dustin. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you don’t think you’re getting the full benefits. Seems that vaping has worked as the best delivery method for you? It’s important to keep in mind that CBD is not a magic potion and will not work for everyone or everything. Since you are not getting the results from CBD oil you want to see, have you considered trying some other strategies?

        • Hello, I wrote my thesis on Marijuana and from my research I would suggest that this is because of your unique bioavailability for CBD/terpine absorption determined by your Cannabinoid system. The THC molecule helps activate and enhance the effects of the other Cannabinoids. This may mean you have to try less legitimate options or I recommend you go to a medical dispensary and get a product that sells with a High CBD/Low THC ratio. This will help you actually get real medical effects, but because the THC level is so low, and CBD Is an anta-agonist to the some of the same receptors activated by the THC molecule. Thus balancing the medical effects and mitigating the other effects. With the right dosage you could simply feel like you’ve had the most relaxing cup of tea in your life. With no intoxicating effects. It’s all science and knowing your correct dosage. I suggest you research and try things for yourself. Safety first!

  • Great writing! You have a flair for informational writing. Your content has impressed me beyond words. I have a lot of admiration for your writing. Thank you for all your valuable input on this topic.

  • So am trying to get off actual weed, and thought I would try this, reason I smoked weed is because been going through shit time and only thing that slows my head down, will this help in any way?

    • Hey Luke. Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch. Many people who use CBD report it does indeed help them with anxiety and relaxation. So I’d say it’s definitely worth a try if you feel up to it. Have you tried CBD yet? Let me know if you have other questions and I’ll be glad to try and help 🙂

  • Hi, I’m interested in using the CBD oil in an atomizer. I use it for pain relief. I am concerned about the effects on the lungs. I was a pack a day smoker for 30years. I have been quit now six years. I read that the E cigs were causing a condition called pocket lung. And that it was irreversible. Have there been any studies done to check the effect of the vapor on the lungs?

    • Hey Cheryl. Thanks for asking these questions. It’s a good idea to research this stuff. Vaping is still pretty new, relative to smoking, so there are less studies on long term harm. I think mostly the researchers don’t have a conclusion yet. I can point you to some studies to check out. Would you also share with me please where you read about the “pocket lung” you mentioned? Thanks!

      • I think she means “popcorn lung” which is directly linked to the diacytel in some propylene glycol(pg) flavor additives(remember the pg and vg on the bottle?). This can be very dangerous as it causes the alveoli, the little sacks that are at the end of your bronchial tubes, to swell. Most manufacturers are aware of this and have eliminated flavorings which contain diacytel but, it never hurts to contact the manufacturer and see!

  • Hi there.. Ive been vaping for a few months now but only with juice containing nicotine, I’ve heard a lot about CBD oil and the effects that it has and my local vape shop sells it.. ive been thinking about purchasing some but have a few questions first.

    My current vape is a Smok H-PRIV 220W, its a pretty powerful vape and works well with normal juice, i just wanted to know if it would be able to vape CBD at a high enough temperature, and my other question was what the effects of CBD are.. as you said in the article it ‘relaxes you’… so would CBD give you more of a ‘body high’ as opposed to a ‘head high’

    Thanks for your time!

    • Hey Josh. Thanks for your inquiry.

      I’m not familiar with that particular set-up so it’s hard for me to say if it’s the best one for your goals. I recommend researching if others are using that set-up for CBD and see what their strategies are. What kind of CBD product do you want to use in the vape?

      I agree, “relax” can be kinda subjective. Most people say they get a subtle feeling of relaxation from CBD that’s not overpowering. Whether it will be more body or head will vary for each person. How has your experience been so far? Happy to help with any other questions you might have 🙂

    • If you know what sort of tank you use , along with the resistance, and average wattage, I could probably find out for you.

    • check your smok models information tro see if it can handle heavy oils most juicers don;t handle the vape cbd oil a simple cheap pen is what i use

  • I like how this article is written. Your points are sound, original, fresh and interesting. This information has been made so clear there’s no way to misunderstand it. Thank you.

  • I have anxiety and sometime am scared of getting high will CBD get me high or like an after high where I’m calm and feel good? When I’m high everything is very slow pace will that happen?

    • Hello Hayden. Thanks for your question. I cannot predict what effect CBD will have on you. I recommend you proceed with caution. You might want to try a very small amount and then gradually increase it if needed. It’s always good to check with your doctor before starting to use CBD or any new supplement. People like CBD because it doesn’t have the same intoxicating mind effects as THC. For many, CBD helps them relax and decrease anxiety. Again, since I cannot predict how CBD will affect you, I recommend for you to be careful. Thanks again for you question. Let me know please how I can be of more help to you.

  • I came to this page to read the article but stopped after the 2nd sentence to see if I could post a comment. Insofar as vaping being a healthy alternative to smoking – what praytell is debatable about that statement?

  • Hi there, just wondering. I vape a lot and I just started using CBD is there a issue if I vape a little more then what it says to use?

  • The title of this article implies some insight of what it feels like to vape cbd. Can the author or someone respond to the article title?

  • This article is dangerous in giving out bad advice. Please refrain from using the term oil. You also mention people can vape essential oils. This is incorrect and dangerous. Please do some proper research before writing articles.

    You cannot vape oils and will end up with a nasty lung disease f you do. Vapers use Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol as a dilutant. There is no oil.

    Please edit your article.

  • Using CBD for chronic pain, known as trigiminal Neuralgia. I just started using it today, so far so good. It has taken the edge off the pain. Using in the morning and night. What is your feedback on CDB and chronic pain. It is the worst pain known to man😫

  • Hi! Can anyone share with an experience of smoking marijuana like this
    Is it the same as using a bong or not? What are the advantage and disadvantages of using a vaporizer where smoking marijuana?
    (whether to buy or not to buy? if yes, then what the best compact vaporizer?) thanks

  • One thing I would add or subtract is that one cannot vape the “oil”. Instead it is considered a “liquid”. Two very distinguishable delivery methods

  • If people that write articles cared more about writing great material like you, more readers would read their content. It’s refreshing to find such original content in an otherwise copy-cat world. Thank you so much.

  • Hi, I had a couple questions about cbd vape juice. First of all i am taking ritalin (to treat ADD) and was woundering if the cbd could have any effects if mixed with the medication?
    I was also woundeding if weight would influence how potent your liquid should be (im a pretty heavy guy) meaning would i have to get a higher mg liquid seing as im a heavier person?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Hey Zach. Thanks very much for your comment and questions. We recommend you please speak with your doctor before using CBD to discuss any possible side effects of mixing with any of your medications.

      Dosing is entirely personal as there are no standards yet set. Most people with gradually vape small amounts (one inhalation at a time) to self-titrate the correct dose for them. The dosing mantra is “start low and go slow”.

      Let us know if you have more questions and we will be glad to do our best to help 🙂

  • Can u use the Cbd oil that you put under your tongue in a vape pen. I was told u cold if you mixed like 25 percent CBd and 75 percent nicotine oil

    • Hey Deanna. Thanks for your question. We have an article about that topic here.

      While I believe some people may do this, it’s very rare and I’ve never had first hand experience with anyone who does this. It’s important to be safe if you do this and make sure you make the vape product correctly and safely.

      Vape CBD products are professionally made to be vaped with specific vape equipment and components. CBD oils and tinctures are professionally made to be used in the mouth. These are two different forms of administration and thus different products.

      So since I don’t do this or have first hand experience with anyone who does, I don’t recommend it. I recommend vaping products meant to be vaped and using oils orally. But if you do decide to do it, be careful and let us know about the results and what you learned.

      Great question. Let us know if you have more 🙂

  • CBD vape oil is actually beneficial for its exceptional medicinal benefits as it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Hence, rapid onset of action. So, it is effective for a range of medical conditions which require fast action such as stress, anxiety, joint pain, seizures, inflammation, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and others.

  • I find this post interestingly good to read. It doesn’t just inform, it also serves as a guide for those who are new to vaping CBD oils, how it works, and how to maximize the effects. Great post!

  • Great read, I especially enjoyed the summary at the end, I think more bloggers should do that, more often, I’m an avid vaper and CBD user myself. I think it would be helpful if there was a section on short term, long term, and possible side effects of vaping (even if most results are anecdotal). Cheers!

  • I bought a vape pen and 1000mg bottle of cbd oil. When vaping how do you know what does you are getting. Or if you want to get a certain does how do you calculate

    • Hi Darrell. That’s a great question. Unfortunately with vaping it’s hard to measure out the exact dose as you would with a tincture. The best way to do it is to do one inhalation at a time.

      You can do one inhalation. Wait ten minutes. And then do another one, if needed. And proceed from there in the same regime only taking more inhalations if needed.

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  • yes, as a vaper I will appreciate the words which are stated above in the article, I like when people share such things for creating awareness in society regarding CBD vaping. love this blog post, keep up the good work.