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eir health review

Not all CBD products are created equal. 

In fact, some are nothing more than hyped-up marketing and pretty packaging, offering little to no benefits due to low-quality or chemical-filled formulas. 

So, just as many of us now check our food labels to know what we’re actually eating, those in pursuit of feeling good should be discerning with their CBD, too.

Despite the number of low-grade CBD brands on the market, there are ways to get your hemp-derived wellness fix—starting with a quality product. 

Ingredient transparency and a commitment to high standards are why we love Eir Health’s CBD, among other reasons.

The brand’s mission is to provide the highest quality product at an accessible price—here’s our take on why they check all the right boxes.

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Simply The Good Stuff

EirHealth Oil review

From field to bottle, Eir’s organic CBD formulas are crafted without the harmful ingredients found elsewhere. 

The products are all vegan, paraben-free, free from artificial flavors and preservatives, free of toxins and heavy metals, non-GMO, and gluten and allergen-free.

You’re probably wondering, “How on earth do they achieve this?” 

Eir’s products are made with carbon dioxide-extracted cannabidiol, which ensures the plant extracts stay pure and maintain Eir standards.

The brand only uses 100% full-spectrum CBD in their products. 

This means that the CBD is rounded out by terpenes, essential oils, and necessary cannabinoids from the plant that enhance the effects—all of which make for a very effective product.

To further ensure quality, Eir’s CBD oils are third-party-tested and pharmaceutical formulated to meet the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards, and follow Good Agricultural Collection Practices (GACP).

Putting Wellness Into Your Hands

In such a fast-paced world, it’s easy to let wellness and self-care slip out of your routine when life gets stressful. 

Adding CBD to your everyday life is a simple way to work toward longevity, and Eir’s products are easy to incorporate.

Eir doesn’t just offer great products—they also educate customers to make informed decisions about their CBD. As their website states, their number one goal is “to make you the expert.” 

With years in the pharmaceutical industry under their belts, the brand’s founders have made it as easy as possible to benefit from the properties of CBD and ensure customers have a resource they can trust.

This is why Eir is a knowledge-first brand, rather than focusing on profiting from the CBD craze. 

They’ve combined the best of modern science and holistic remedies into a cohesive product range that features only ingredients you can trust and helps you achieve your wellness goals.

Eir is committed to providing comprehensive education around the uses of CBD and its various properties, so consumers can trust what they’re putting in their bodies.

Available Worldwide, When You Need It


While some CBD brands are only available in narrow sectors, EirHealth ships its products across the globe. 

Eir’s founders are deliberate in their mission to help as many people as possible feel good with the aid of CBD, which is why the brand ships to all 52 U.S. states—including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico—and 33 countries across Europe and the United Kingdom.

In addition to one-off purchasing, Eir also offers a unique auto-ship “subscribe-and-save” model to ensure you receive your supply when you need it. 

It’s easy to get started, and you can pause or stop at any time depending on what’s most convenient for you. 

As a bonus, Eir gives subscribers a repeat 20% discount on their favorite products, making it truly worth your while.

In the unlikely event that you’re not a fan of the products, Eir’s Happiness Guarantee promises a refund on your first order, within 30 days, if you don’t 100% love it.

Premium Products, Premium Results

Eir offers two different types of tinctures: traditional oil, and Aqua, a unique and potent water-soluble format. 

By curating their small yet effective product range, the brand is able to maintain quality control.

Products vary in potency, from the entry-level low-dosage Oil No. 3—which contains 300mg of CBD and MCT oil—to Oil No. 6 (600mg) and Oil No. 30 (3,000mg) oil-based varieties.

Eir’s Aqua collection is a fusion of CBD oil trapped in water droplets, made to add to water or swallow directly. This format guarantees added potency—Aqua CBD works nearly five times faster in the body than oil counterparts. 

Eir offers Aqua No. 3 (300mg), Aqua No. 9 (900mg), and Aqua No. 18 (1800mg).

Eir also provides a handy guide to the range of symptoms each CBD can help manage. 

Lower dosages are best for everyday stress and mild to moderate anxiety, while higher dosages can help people experiencing depression, stronger anxiety, aches and pains, and a variety of conditions including insomnia, chronic pain, and addiction recovery.

For inexperienced CBD users, a general rule of thumb is that the higher the milligrams are, the more intense the effect will be. 

We can attest that at every level of potency, Eir’s range is effective, whether you’re looking for mild or extreme relief.

EirHealth: Trustworthy CBD Solutions, Made For Everyone

At CBD School, we’re all for premium CBD, but it doesn’t necessarily need to come at an unattainable price point.

We’ve tried it all, but it takes a truly quality CBD product to impress us—and Eir products definitely stand up to the test.

We like their commitment to using only the highest-quality CBD, and the Aqua CBD is a great bonus you can’t find elsewhere. 

Plus, their subscribe-and-save model and happiness guarantee can’t be beaten!

Look no further than Eir for the future of health and wellness-focused CBD products that are better for you and will help you feel better.

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