How CBD Helped Me Get Off Anxiety Meds


At CBD School we aim to provide you with more than just boring and dry data on the science behind CBD. You need to know about how CBD is helping people just like you with their problems. Cannabis medicine is an anecdotal game – the people using cannabis have a different perspective than the scientists doing the research. Read this post to find out how a web and software developer named Justin used CBD to get off anxiety medication. 

When I was first diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder, my psychiatrist presented me a list of treatment options consisting of a variety of medications, such as Zoloft, Klonopin, Vistaril, and more.

After discussing the side effects of each medication and debating which would cause the least harm, I left the office with a hefty prescription for a bottle of pills. 

As I began my prescription, I started to notice all sorts of slight changes in my attitude and routine. 

Starting from feeling slightly more groggy when I woke up, to needing caffeine to make me feel energized enough to work, just to get more anxious from the caffeine.

Not only did I feel as if I was right back where I started, but I was experiencing dozens of less noticeable side effects, such as loss of focus, clouded thoughts, and a general more depressive feeling. 

I felt as if I just wasn’t myself anymore. I needed to find another path of treatment.

For some time after my several year battle with medication, I stayed off of it entirely. 

I had grown a disdain for the medication after it had turned me into a zombie for so long. 

I felt as if I had finally found the opening in the sky again and my brain had cleared up, as if I was feeling like myself again finally. 

But with time all things fade, and so did my short-lived euphoric period of sobriety. 

As I learned more about half-lives and how medication works, I realized that most medication wears off over time rather, and often leads people to believe they don’t need medication for a short period after stopping their medication, as the medicine still remains in their system. 

I needed yet another way to treat my anxiety.

Sometime later that week, I had visited a close friend’s house and was discussing my problem. 

At the time he had no idea, but once informed he quickly referred me to try a CBD product, as he said it would not only help with my anxiety, but also help with other general welfare such as my focus, my sleep, and more. 

At the time I tried the CBD he had available, although I didn’t feel any effects with the relatively small dose I had unknowingly taken. 

I quickly debunked his previous claims, bashing the products and claiming to have felt nothing at all. 

As proud as I was to have seemingly debunked CBD, I also was disappointed wishing to have found a solution to my problem.

As time went on, I started thinking back to the previous experience and his claims. 

I figured that there was no foul intent involved, so why would he be lying about his experiences? 

I had to try it again.

I decided to try a higher dose of CBD this time around, after doing more research on dosage to see what would work best for me. 

I figured I would take it while I worked to see how it affected me relative to other medications. 

Shortly after taking the medicine, I noticed an immediate rush of calmness throughout. 

It felt as if it made the irrational anxiety disappear. All of my small worries had simply gone away. 

After which, I started to realize I was thinking clearer and getting a little more accomplished in my work session than usual. 

Within thirty minutes, a drowsy feeling had onset me surprisingly enough, as I have had sleep deprivation problems for years. 

Although not the ideal time to fall asleep, I figured if the one side effect of the medication was that I was finally going to get some rest I didn’t mind.

After this positive experience, CBD went from something I used whenever I felt stressed to something I supplemented myself with every day. 

I noticed that quickly after taking a more frequent dose the general drowsiness effect thankfully wore off (although I was definitely still able to accomplish this effect at higher dosages), and I felt more worry free throughout my everyday routine, allowing me to focus more on what mattered rather than the little things that used to rid my head with worry.

Because CBD was an all-natural substance, it allowed me to eliminate my symptoms without all the life-detrimental side effects. 

CBD works by targeting the endocannabinoid system to reduce panic and anxiety, as well as heart rate and blood pressure responses to stress, which allows you to react better to arising stress in your life. 

Personally, my daily CBD supplement has greatly helped me get and remain calm throughout the craziness that arises, as well as be more focused at work, and fall asleep quicker. 

Be sure to let us know below about your personal experience with CBD, and how it’s helped you manage your anxiety!


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  • James Burley says:

    I’m on klonopin for axiety. I’ve just received my bottles of CBD oil I got 600 mg figuring I could take a little and it would last. Do I have to stop my meds I’m on 1/2 a klonopin twice a day.

  • sunnny says:

    CBD is such a great solution for many problems but the only matter is purity that’s why i believe only Innovative Health Lab.

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