Is CBD Better Than Advil for Pain?


CBD and Advil

Are you in pain?

Here. Grab an Advil. Take it! Take it! Your pain will go away soon. And then thank you, Advil!

But really?

Are Advil or other forms of ibuprofen really worthy of your praise and thanks?

What You Should Know About Advil But Ignore Anyway

Holding Advil Tablets In Hand

Advil, generic name ibuprofen, is one of our favorite painkillers.

They’re easily accessible, affordable, and effective in controlling pain.

But what if I told you that Advil has side effects that you should be wary of?

I won’t list them all, but here are a few that I have personally experienced when I use Advil — sour stomach, bloating, gassiness, constipation, indigestion, palpitations, hypertension, loss of appetite, thirst, sweating, and lightheadedness.

But I needed my Advil. I needed it to control my dysmenorrhea, so I ignored all the side effects I’ve read about long-term Advil use.

Unfortunately, the side effects of Advil are real.

The longer you use ibuprofen painkillers and the higher their dosage, the higher your risk for developing hearing loss, kidney disease, heart problems, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

What You Should Know About CBD

CBD Oil Vs Advil

I have already mentioned the side effects of Advil and other ibuprofen containing products.

Let’s now see the side effects of CBD.

This study tells you that the side effects of CBD are more tolerable and that they are short-lived.

It’s nontoxic, so it’s safer for the liver and kidneys.

It won’t affect your heart rate, your blood pressure, and even your body temperature, so no problems there compared to ibuprofen use.

It also won’t drastically affect your appetite, nor would it negatively affect your digestion.

In fact, CBD can even reduce the pain, inflammation, and intestinal damage associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

More importantly, CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effects and won’t produce hallucinations, mood changes, mental changes, drowsiness, etc. because it is a non-psychoactive compound.


Both Advil and CBD are used for pain and inflammation.

But CBD has the ability to help more than just these symptoms though.

CBD is also a very powerful antioxidant, so while it’s reducing pain and inflammation, it’s also protecting the healthy cells against the destructive byproducts of metabolism like free radicals.

I’d say that with CBD’s antioxidant property, it makes CBD pretty attractive when compared to Advil, right?


Take 200 mg to 400 mg of Advil for pain, every four to six hours as needed.

Mind the risks though! You don’t want to be on ibuprofen for too long.

But with CBD, you have more control with your dosage since you can start with a very low dose till you find a dosage that can control your pain.

You can start with 2.5 mg of CBD per day then slowly increase to 20 mg of CBD per day.

Although it's not mandatory, many people choose to use CBD daily to treat chronic pain

Could CBD be better than Advil?

It’s your choice whether to use Advil and other ibuprofen products or to use CBD for your pain.

But reading through all the research studies saying that CBD can benefit even persistent, chronic, and intractable pain and be knowing it has an excellent safety profile, what do you honestly think?

Let us know in the comments section below.

I’ll leave you with one more thought to ponder:

According to a Professor at the University of Oxford’s Department of Pharmacology, Dr. Leslie Iversen, in a book he published in 2000 entitled “The Science of Marijuana,” cannabis is safer than aspirin.

As always, please speak to your doctor before using CBD or Advil for any condition.
  • Jane Schlosberg says:

    I’ve been pleased with my CBD oil, which I’ve been using since the beginning of July. It has helped with my knee arthritis pain and inflammation. However, it didn’t help with the tendinitis I have in my ankle. Then, a couple of weeks ago I had a big flare in one knee. I consulted with the Nat’l. Access Cannabis folks, and they told me to increase my dose. If I didn’t improve in a week to add a small dose of THC. Meanwhile, I could use some Advil as well. It took 4 Advil/day (800mg.) plus 2.3 ml of CBD oil to get the pain down to where I could walk without a cane. Now I am hoping to ramp down on these meds. I worry about using the two together, as I know the Advil stays in my body longer because of the CBD.

  • Gabbie Cantu says:

    I’m genuinely curious, as I have Endometriosis, if I would use advil and CBD together? My pain is excruciating and I like to be as comfortable as possible when I have to deal with it. Do the two cancel each other out or contradict one another?

  • Hi Gabbie. Thanks for your question. We have never heard of anyone having difficulty using both CBD and advil.

    But you should get the final word from your doctor or pharmacist. They are experts and can provide you with the medical advice you need.

  • Jacqueline Cucuiat says:

    I have taken cbd and Advil together, and it works quite well. It seems to help increase the anti inflammatory response. If you normally take 400 mg of Advil, you will only need to take 200 mg of Advil and get the same effect that you would with 400 mg.

  • Thanks for sharing about your experience, Jacqueline.

  • Branden says:

    If pills kill you and marijuana doesn’t then why are pills legal and weed isn’t…?

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