Joy Organics: The Complete Review + Coupon!

Joy Organics is one of the most trusted names in the CBD Industry. We wanted to find out why and to share that information with you. Here's what we learned.

Joy Organics Review

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Chronic discomfort and difficulty sleeping are common reasons people turn to CBD. 

When Joy Smith, the founder of Joy Organics, found herself suffering from both of these issues, like many others she turned to CBD to help naturally ease her discomfort and sleep issues. 

After trying several of the biggest names in CBD on the market, she was disappointed to find that only one helped her find relief. 

It was then she knew she wanted to make a difference. So, she decided to create a CBD product that actually works. 

With a mission to help others by creating the purest organic and bioavailable full spectrum cannabinoid products on the market that people can actually afford, her company is fulfilling exactly what they set out to do. 

With a long-term goal of becoming one of the most recognized and respected brands in the cannabis industry, the products produced by Joy Organics are designed to meet these high expectations.

Their Mission:

Creating High-Quality, Full Spectrum CBD

Joy Organics Products

All CBD products are not created equal. 

This was something that was clear to Joy from the beginning, which is exactly why she set her standards high from the get-go. 

Joy Organics employs a 7-step process to create some of the highest quality CBD products available on the market today. 

The step-by-step process involved in creating these products includes:

1. Organic Hemp: All of the hemp they use is organically grown in Colorado using strict, state-of-the-art sustainable farming practices.

2. Raw Hemp Processing: After harvest, hemp plants are properly cured, dried, and then stored in a warehouse. When a plant is needed for production, it is ground into a coarse powder, where it is then shipped to its processing center located in Colorado.

3. Proprietary Extraction and Solids Separation: A proprietary hemp extraction and purification process are used, ensuring that all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are preserved. Once this full-spectrum oil is extracted, it is then pressed to ensure all plant matter is completely removed from the oil.

4. Distillation: Once the oil is processed, it is then distilled to separate the hemp extract from the food-grade ethanol that was used during extraction.

5. Removal of THC and Other Compounds: To ensure there are absolutely zero traces of THC in their products, Joy Organics uses proprietary technology to remove any THC still present in their oil. Other compounds that are removed during this process include chlorophyll, wax, and any plant matter still present after the purification process.

6. In-House and Third-Party Lab Testing: All finished products are first tested in-house for quality and potency. When a batch passes, it receives a Certificate of Analysis and a Certification of Quality Assurance that is available to customers. Third-party lab testing is also conducted on a monthly basis to ensure the certificates are correct.

7. Increased Bioavailability Through Nano Emulsion Technology: The last step in the creation of Joy Organics products includes nanoemulsion technology that helps to increase their bioavailability. This allows for their particles to be 25-60 nanometers in size, compared to 150-5000 nanometers in their competitor’s products. The smaller size of these particles allows for quicker and more effective absorption in the body.

The unique 7-step process employed by Joy Organics is used to create Joy’s vision of offering some of the best CBD products available on the market today.

Joy Organics products

Joy Organics high-quality line of products is simple. 

A tincture, two soft-gel options, a salve, and a couple products for your pets. 

Exactly what you would need to make CBD a regular part of your wellness routine.

Joy Organics CBD Oil Tincture

This CBD Oil Tincture comes in four sizes (250mg-1500mg) and four different flavors (natural, mint, orange, and lemon). 

These tinctures offer the quickest results of all their products, with a recommended dosage of 1-4 droppers/day.

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Joy Organics CBD Capsules

If you’d rather take your CBD in capsule form (as easy as taking your morning supplements), there are two options for soft gel capsules. 

The nanoemulsion technology used to make their products means that these CBD softgels are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for faster results. 

CBD Softgels are available in 10mg or 25mg doses.

For those interested in extra relief of discomfort and inflammation, Joy Organics CBD Softgels with Curcumin are formulated specifically for chronic discomfort. 

Curcumin, a powerful compound found in turmeric, is widely known for its effects on inflammation and discomfort management. 

Combined with the discomfort-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, these softgels are the perfect pick for anyone interested in natural discomfort management.

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Joy Organics CBD Salve

Anyone suffering from skin conditions like eczema or acne, joint discomfort, or muscle soreness should take a look at Joy Organics CBD Salve. 

It’s applied topically and absorbed through the skin for targeted relief that is fast-acting and thoroughly relieving. 

It’s non-greasy and made with a simple list of all-natural ingredients.

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Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats

If you’re a pet owner and are interested in the benefits of CBD for pets, you’ll be pleased to find that Joy Organics offers CBD Dog Treats and CBD Oil Tincture for Pets

Each treat contains 2mg CBD, offering the same relief for your pup that you experience with CBD. 

Cat lovers stay tuned. The company is busy creating treats for your feline friends as well. 

Their Pet Tincture can be added directly to your furry friend’s food or directly into their mouth.

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Giving Back

In a market where CBD products are emerging almost every day, Joy Organics stands out as a company committed to bringing you some of the highest-quality, full-spectrum CBD you can find. 

This family-run business (complete with kids, dogs, grandkids, and grand dogs) is dedicated not only to creating the best CBD products available, but also to giving back.  

One of Joy’s greatest passions is helping others in need and is truly happiest when serving others. 

From helping the homeless and raising money for hungry children to giving away her products to those in need, Joy’s steadfast devotion to giving back is an integral part of Joy Organics itself.

Experience the Joy Organics difference for yourself. 

Each product is 100% THC-free, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, and is shipped for free anywhere in the US.

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  • Michele says:

    I recently received a sample packet of Joy Organics’ energy drink, and I was amazed with the results. It gave me just the boost I needed while having a relaxing effect, and I was so pleased that I ordered the 10-pack. It also has a pleasant flavor! Great product!

  • Hey Michele! Thanks for your comment. So happy to hear you loved the CBD Energy Drink from Joy Organics 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I would like to share some information with the community of Fort Collins…
    Folium Biosciences is the manufacturer of Joy Organics product line. Folium Biosciences fully discloses all the ingredients in the catalog on their website. As they should. The softgels they make and sell to Joy Organics’s have artificial coloring in them. As far as I know, artificial dyes aren’t organic or pure.
    Consumer be warned. This information is not listed on the Joy Organic’s labels.

  • Gerrid says:

    Hi Michelle,

    My name is Gerrid and I’m a co-founder at Joy Organics, and the person who oversees the creation of our labels.

    All of the ingredients that we used on our labels were taken directly from Folium’s spec sheets. It wasn’t until September 28th, when Folium’s latest catalog came out with updated spec sheets, did we realize that the formulation had changed. We are now working to update all of our labels so that our customers have the most accurate ingredients for our products.

    We are also working with Folium to improve the lines of communication so that if the formulas change in the future, we have advanced notice.

    This is certainly an embarrassing mistake for us as we have sought to create a company that is transparent in an industry that doesn’t value transparency.

    I sincerely apologize, Michelle!


  • Carrie Thompson says:

    I’m trying to find the best cbd to help me with problems sleeping and restless leg syndrome

  • Larry says:

    Do you have Vape oil

  • Hey Larry! Thanks for your question. Joy Organics doesn’t carry a CBD vape oil at this time.

  • Tiffany says:

    Can this cbd oil help with bipolar type 2 disorder and depression? Ive been shopping around and this cbd oil seems promising, it also seems like its a broad spectrum type.

  • John Andrea La Russa says:

    Hey Tiffany, sounds like you’ve really been researching CBDs & yes, CBD products with all the additional cannabinoids & terpenes but zero THC are typically called broad spectrum CBDs rather than full spectrum. The only reason I’ve been told that some companies avoid calling their products broad spec because such products ARE on essense full spec CBDs but withban extra refinement process yo remove all* traces of THC. The makers & sellers of such CBDs I’ve talked with prefer using the “more accurate” phrase “100% THC-free full spectrum CBDs” as most people only know “full spectrum CBDs” as the kind that will produce the necessary Entourage Effect. Broad spectrum CBDs also provide the Entourage Effect “should” be safer for those who will be drug-tested for THC. Note: because it is more expensive to test for THC & CBD seperately most testers use a cheaper testing method that actually detects both, thus can still result in positive testing for marijuana use even if your high strength CBD is a 100% THC Free full (or actually broad) spectrum CBD! A friend who uses 1000+mg broad spectrum CBD failed her drug test even after disclosing her CBD usage! Luckily her employer retested her samples using the more refined & expensive method to prove she was THC-free – but SHE had to foot that bill! And she was told she would have to pay that full cost (or at least the difference between the two tests) for all future work related drug tests. But simply put, broad spectrum is a less desirable term for many companies as they fear consumers will not even look at or try them if they see the products are not full spectrum, which is a bit unfair! I’ve tried several broad spec CBDs as well as several full spec CBDs & have found the same pain relief from both. I have also found that only vaping full or broad spec CBDs gives me fast enough relief to feel like they are actually helping! I vape between 1500-2000mg of broad or full spec CBD as well as taking one 25mg broad or full spec CBD gelcap every morning when I wake. This regime gives me fairly decent pain management for my severe cronic pain issues throughout the day – though on my worst days a 2nd 25mg gelcap in the late afternoon at least 1 hour before supper or in the earily evening at least 2 hours after supper combined with occasional CBD vaping is necessary. I never use nicotine or cheaper disposable pods or tanks for health safety reasons. Finally, I too suffer from type 2 bipolar with severe depression (sometimes called PTSD depending on the doctor). I’ve found the higher dosage broad & full spec CBDs do help manage my mania & lesser depression but, as of yet, I have not found any dose, type, or brand of CBD that can manage my most severe bouts of depression! Thus, I must continue to take some of my Rx medications without pause or skipping doses to get the help I truly need for such severe episodes. Remember: most psychiatric medication takes up to 2 months of proper usage for body mind-body system to fully aclimate to them. Skipping doses or only taking them when you feel like you need them will cause a vast under-performance in their relief or, more often, will cause them to fail to help you at all! This makes self-experimenting with CBDs as a total Rx replacement as risky & time consuming process that I do not recommend for anyone, especially someone with extreme conditions that could have life-threatening severity such as ectreme depression with even occassional suicide ideations! Until it is fully legalized AND properly tested we will never be sure of what dose or formulation of CBDs could & will be an acceptable replacement for which if any physical or psychiatric medications. Thus, even living in Alabama, I tell all my doctors that I’m using CBDs & how they are helping me. I encourage them to support & push for full legalization in their industry & I strongly urge all patients to be equally honest & persistent with any medical provider. If they adamently oppose CBD usage & threaten to drop you (or drop you without warning!) them trust me, you NEED to find a more open-minded provider who is willing to stay up to date will ALL medications, Rx & over-the-counter, & who is willing to try or allow patients to try certain non-Rx medications for relief! Close-minded providers who will threaten or just drop you outright tend to profit far too greatly from Big Pharma Drug Companies & will greedily risk your health & welfare by ignoring up-to-date research just to make their Big Pharma payers happy! You do not need or want such greedy, closed-minded providers because they are working for you SECOND & for Big Pharma FIRST & FORMOST! Good health to all.

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