5 Must-Try, Unique CBD Products Currently Trending on the Market


As the popularity of CBD continues to soar, there are new products hitting the market practically every day. 

Where just a few years ago there were just a few companies that sold CBD (usually as a tincture), today there are countless CBD companies that have expanded their products far beyond.

While CBD tinctures and capsules continue to be the most popular ways to take CBD, these days there are some super unique and CBD products coming out all the time. 


CBD has made a popular name for itself (for good reason so), and there are plenty of innovative products to prove it.

1. CBD Coffee


CBD-infused coffee has become an in-demand option in upscale and hip coffee shops in places like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Willie Nelson even has his own line of CBD coffee.

So, how exactly does CBD coffee make you feel?

Balanced, maintains Jane West, founder of Women Grow, an organization dedicated to connecting, empowering, and educating women in all areas of the legal cannabis industry.

West and her colleagues are “drawing on a wealth of anecdotal evidence” that adding CBD can take the edge off typically associated with your morning cup of Joe.

“My colleagues, friends, and I have found that CBD-infused coffee largely does away with the anxiety and acid bellyache typically associated with coffee.

That makes sense because research suggests CBD has anti-anxiety and anti-nausea effects.

We’ve also found that compared to the coffee we reach for regularly, testers experience a less jittery, elevated burst of energy after drinking CBD-infused coffee.”

2. CBD-Infused Beer and Cocktails

Beer and cocktails are just as popular as coffee, so it should come as no surprise that CBD-infused beer and cocktails are making their way into the mainstream.

Several progressive bars in places like Oregon, Washington, and Colorado are serving up CBD-infused brews like Two Flowers IPA made by Coalition Brewing in Oregon.

You’ll also find a few CBD-infused cocktails across the country, at least in some of the hipper spots.

San Francisco, LA, and New York are all hot spots where you can sip on a CBD-infused cocktail.

Popular vegan restaurant Gracias Madre in Los Angeles started the trend back in 2016, where they continue to offer CBD-infused mezcal cocktails (appropriately named Alternative Medicina and the Stoned Fruit) and more.

And at the Pattern Bar in downtown LA, you can get CBD oil added to any drink on the menu for an extra $5.

3. CBD Bath Products


CBD has shown to be excellent for the skin, with reported benefits for several skin conditions including reduced acne and inflammation, relief from eczema, and has even shown to reduce the signs of aging and offer a youthful glow.

Self-care is essential…and CBD-infused bath products can be especially effective for making you feel your best.

It should come as no surprise then, that there are brand-new CBD-infused bath products hitting the market all the time.

CBD-infused Epsom salt soaks, bubble baths, and bath bombs are some of our favs. 

cbdMD has a bath bomb (Use code CBDSCHOOL for 20% OFF!) in five different formulas, each containing 100mg of CBD that will restore, rejuvenate, relax, and enlighten the senses.

4. CBD Beauty and Personal Products

Aside from amazing bath products designed to soothe and revitalize the senses, there are a plethora of CBD-infused beauty products available to make you look and feel your best.

Think CBD-infused shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, face cream, eye serum, makeup and more.

Another increasingly popular product is CBD-infused personal lubricant. 

Foria makes several products designed with pleasure in mind, with Foria Pleasure named the “Sex Product of the Year” by GQ when it was first released.

Ladies experiencing menstrual pain during their period may be interested in CBD-infused suppositories designed to ease cramps, relax muscles, and ease any tension felt in the body during their menstrual cycle. 

Undoubtedly unique, CBD suppositories are a trending topic among women experiencing menstrual discomfort.

5. CBD-Infused Sports Recovery


It’s no secret that CBD has made a huge name for itself among professional and amateur athletes alike. 

CBD has shown to be excellent in reducing inflammation, soothing sore muscles, and managing pain.

The Quill by Arcanum is a state-of-the-art “pen” that delivers a 2mg medicated dose of a CBD-infused topical you can take with you wherever your fitness routine might take you. 

It offers quick relief to those sore spots that might otherwise get in the way of your workout.

There are also several options for CBD-infused “cooling” topicals that are great for sore muscles that need a quick cooldown after a hard game or morning at the gym.

Arcanum makes a product called the Sarco Freeze that combines cooling relief with the pain-relieving properties of CBD for pain relief in as little as five minutes.

Final Thoughts on Unique CBD Products

With the CBD industry rapidly expanding the way it is, these are but a few of the unique and innovative products available on the market today. 

As the industry continues to grow, there’s no doubt we’ll begin to see more and more CBD products that are breaking the mold and setting the standard for the future.

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