New Phase Blends: A Patented Approach to CBD Blends (Review + Coupon!)

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New Phase Blends is a newer CBD brand based out of West Palm Beach, Florida, but the company’s founder and CEO is anything but new to the benefits of CBD. 

In 2014, New Phase Blends’ CEO, Dale, suffered a broken neck and spinal cord injury while on active duty in the US Army. After several surgeries and a completely fused cervical spine, Dale was left with countless prescriptions that offered relief, yet came with a host of unwelcome side effects. 

That’s when he discovered CBD. 

Upon experiencing tremendous results using cannabidiol to relieve the chronic neck pain he felt on a daily basis, Dale became passionate about helping others find similar relief. He desired, however, to “step it up a notch” and create something different than the countless other CBD products available on the market. He spent years researching various synergistic compounds that complemented CBD, and New Phase Blends was born.

New Phase Blends has set out to become one of the more unique CBD brands in that they’ve got patents for mixing CBD with both melatonin and synephrine.

Here we’ll take a deeper look at the New Phase Blends product line to see what makes them different.

Sleep: Broad Spectrum CBD + Melatonin/$120

Sleep is New Phase Blends’ patent-pending, high dose CBD formula designed with better sleep in mind.

Each 30mL bottle contains 2000mg of CBD and 90mg of melatonin, offering 66.4mg CBD and 3mg melatonin per 1ml serving. 

Why melatonin? 

It’s simple. Melatonin is a hormone that plays a role in the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle. It all comes down to the way both compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system. 

Together, the two work harmoniously to support a healthy sleep schedule. The sedative-like effects of Sleep are said to work within minutes up to an hour.

In our own experience, we found Sleep to work exactly as its intended.

We took a 1mL serving of Sleep about an hour before bed and found ourselves drifting into a serene, relaxed state about 20 minutes later. Within 45 minutes, we were out and slept peacefully throughout the night without once waking.

Go: Broad Spectrum CBD + Synephrine/$66 

Go is New Phase Blends’ patent-pending CBD formulation that’s blended with synephrine and designed for focus and energy. Each 30mL bottle contains 500mg CBD and 300mg synephrine, offering 16.6mg CBD and 10mg synephrine per serving. 

Why synephrine? 

As an alkaloid commonly used in nootropics, synephrine is known to enhance cognition, focus, mental clarity, and sports performance without the jitters common to caffeine and energy drinks.

In low doses, CBD has shown to promote energy. When used with synephrine, it helps create a greater effect.

No jitters, just great energy overall. Go is designed to offer a feeling of mental clarity and energy, whether you’re sitting down to work at the computer for six hours or headed to the gym to get your workout on. 

How does Go stack up to its claims?

Well, we’re currently writing this review after taking a 2mL serving and are finding a centered focus as we sit in front of the computer.

We can definitely see how it could help with mental clarity and focus while getting our fitness on and is also something we’ll look forward to taking before our next morning yoga class.

We can imagine how beneficial it might be for keeping our focus on the breath in the present moment while moving through each posture. 

Pure: Broad Spectrum CBD/$73

Pure is New Phase Blends’ pure CBD formulation, containing a blend of broad spectrum CBD, MCT oil, and natural flavoring. Each 30mL bottle contains 1000mg of CBD, offering 33.2mg CBD per serving. 

While New Phase Blends primary focus is CBD blended with patented synergistic ingredients that enhance the benefits of CBD, they also wanted to offer a product that is pure broad spectrum hemp extract for customers looking for a premium quality CBD product with nothing else added to it.

New Phase Blends: A Commitment to Quality Control

One thing New Phase Blends is huge on is offering a high-quality product, which is why when it comes to quality control they’re dedicated to “going above and beyond.” 

According to New Phase Blends, “In a world where so many people are trying to make a quick buck by slapping their label on identical products, it’s very important to us that you have a truly unique experience.”

How exactly is New Phase Blends doing this? 

By adhering to strict standards from seed to sale. 

When we sat down with New Phase Blends in a recent CBD School podcast episode, we discussed their commitment to quality and taking more steps than usual when it comes to testing. 

We talked about how New Phase Blends deals with their own seed-to-sale process and how every aspect of production is tested along the way. 

Hemp starts out as a seed, and these seeds contain records. When grown from this seed, the farmer is responsible for a full panel test on the crop. When harvested material is turned to biomass, the extractor is responsible for testing the batch. When the product is created, it’s tested again. Finally, when New Phase Blends receives the product, it’s tested one more time. 

If this seems like a lot of testing, it’s because it is! And it’s something New Phase Blends is adamant about.

They note that everyone in the industry does things differently when it comes to testing, yet most companies are getting their CBD from the same source. They take these additional steps to ensure that consumers purchasing their products know they’re getting the quality they deserve and that New Phase Blends isn’t just one of countless companies out there still looking to take advantage of lack of regulation in the CBD industry.

Their farmers, extractors, and manufacturers are all GMP-certified, which is basically the highest standard currently in the industry.

New Phase Blends notes that they’re ready for more regulations to come and are confident their products will meet, or exceed, whatever regulations are set in place by the FDA. 

Test results for all New Phase Blend products are available and easy to find on each product page, with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) indicating cannabinoid and terpene profiles, residual solvent analysis, and residual solvents, heavy metals, microbiological, and chemical residue screening.

Broad Spectrum CBD to Meet the Needs of Those Who Need It Most

New Phase Blends has chosen to use broad-spectrum CBD as the base of their product line. 


It all comes down to FDA regulations. Because THC is still federally illegal, they’ve made the decision to keep it out of their products completely.

When regulations change, New Phase Blends mentions they may move into a THC component then, but for now are sticking to a broad spectrum base without THC that still contains all the other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that lend to the benefits of a quality CBD oil. 

They realize that not everyone likes the effects of THC, but that there’s a large portion of the population that can benefit from cannabis and hemp derived products. New Phase Blends knows there’s plenty of people who simply don’t want anything to do with THC at all…especially when it interferes with their profession.

Drug testing still goes on in the workplace, whether its something you agree with or not. A broad spectrum CBD oil is great for professionals like military personnel, police officers, medical professionals, construction workers, and more who might want to benefit from CBD but can’t have any THC in their system whatsoever.

New Phase Blends and the Future of CBD Products

New Phase Blends knows that CBD is huge right now, but they believe that the future of CBD isn’t going to be limited to a single molecule. As time goes on and more research is conducted about the benefits of various cannabinoids, they believe that other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN will begin to gain increased attention. 

Once this happens, New Phase Blends plans to incorporate them into their products. They mention that several farmers are now beginning to specialize in different strains that are abundant in other cannabinoids, as well as CBD. 

For now, New Phase Blends is focused on the provisional patents they’ve secured with the current blends they’ve created.

New Phase blends maintains that they decided to do things a bit differently and took their time getting patents squared away before introducing their brand to the burgeoning market. 

To New Phase Blends, the time they spent developing their unique product line was worth it to be able to offer a product that they believe is even more effective than CBD used alone. 

All products come with a money-back guarantee. Aside from their line of CBD tinctures, New Phase Blends also offers a soothing CBD topical salve.

use code for 20% OFF: CBDSCHOOL20

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