WKND! Wellness: Hemp-Derived CBD for Every Day of the Week (Review + Coupon!)

WKND! Wellness

WKND! Wellness is a California-based company and the brainchild of parent company, WKND Unlimited, a Canadian-based lifestyle brand focused on recreational cannabis and hemp-derived CBD. 

Committed to “developing and launching premium cannabis and CBD brands to deliver life’s highs – anytime, anywhere,” WKND Unlimited brands are those dedicated to providing top quality cannabis no matter what your lifestyle might be. 

WKND! Wellness CBD is the latest brand to launch under WKND Unlimited, with a mission to offering the highest-quality CBD products possible to their customers. 

Their simple line of hemp-derived CBD infused products is formulated with holistic health in mind and made to support a variety of wellness needs. 

We recently had the opportunity to review WKND! Wellness’ line and have put together this guide to give you all the information you need to determine if this new CBD brand is one worth checking out for yourself. 

WKND Wellness Products

All WKND! Wellness products are created with quality in mind. Like most CBD companies, the founders of WKND! Wellness know that in order to create high-quality CBD products, you’ve got to start with high-quality hemp. 

The hemp used to create WKND! Wellness products is cultivated organically in Northern British Columbia, Canada under the strictest farming standards. As an umbrella brand for several cannabis companies, WKND Unlimited has ample experience when it comes to crafting the finest quality cannabis, be it recreational marijuana or CBD products. 

While WKND! Wellness doesn’t mention the method of extraction they use to create the hemp extract used in their products, their products are manufactured in cGMP Certified facilities, which adhere to strict production policies. Click here to learn more about cGMP Certification. 

According to the WKND! Wellness website, their products are third party tested for quality and cannabinoid content, but we couldn’t find lab test results on their website itself. 

WKND! Wellness CBD Products: An Overview and Review

WKND! Wellness Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

CBD tinctures are industry standard, and WKND! Wellness offers options in two strengths in both natural and mint flavors. 

    • Full Spectrum 250mg Natural or Mint Flavor/$22
    • Full Spectrum 1000mg Natural or Mint Flavor/$54.99

The oil itself is a deep, golden amber which reflects its overall quality and immediately lets us know that it really is the full spectrum oil it claims to be.

While we typically prefer a natural-tasting oil, we tried the mint flavor and found it tasted good and wasn’t powerfully over-flavored. After holding it sublingually under the tongue for about 90 seconds, we found it swallowed smoothly and left a refreshing mint aftertaste.

As far as price is concerned, WKND! Wellness full spectrum CBD oil tinctures are some of the most affordable we’ve seen.

WKND! Wellness CBD Body Care

WKND! Wellness also offers a line of CBD body care products, designed to be used topically for targeted relief. The three products they offer (two body butter options and a cooling gel) are all available in two different sizes and strengths. 

    • Full Spectrum CBD Cooling Gel with Menthol / 15ml-55mg $22 (or) 50ml-500mg $54.99
    • Full Spectrum CBD Vanilla Coconut Body Butter / 2oz-125mg $29 (or) 4oz-250mg $49
    • Full Spectrum CBD Natural Body Butter / 2oz-125mg $39 (or) 4oz-25mg $49

We first tried the CBD cooling gel in the 55mg strength. While we’re not the biggest fans of cooling creams, we do know that some people absolutely love them. When it comes to CBD, everyone has individual needs, which is why most companies offer a few different product options. 

We applied the cooling cream to a pinched nerve in our shoulder area and felt it go to work immediately. Not only did it provide a rapid cooling effect thanks to the second ingredient of camphor but felt it did make a difference in the level of pain we were experiencing. While it didn’t take our pinched nerve pain away completely, it definitely reduced it to a point where it was more tolerable. 

We next tried the WKND! Wellness Full Spectrum CBD Vanilla Coconut Body Cream. First of all, if you like vanilla-scented creams and lotions, this is definitely one to pick up for your collection. The smell is amazing, and we have a feeling this will become our go-to body butter for the next couple of months. 

We love CBD body butters because we know just how beneficial CBD is for the skin. While we haven’t replaced all of our creams and lotions with ones that are infused with CBD, the majority we use have CBD added to them. We can honestly say that we’ve noticed a remarkable difference in the overall health and appearance of our skin. WKND! Wellness’ Vanilla Coconut Body Butter is one we definitely look forward to using as part of our regular self-care routine.

WKND! Wellness CBD Capsules

With an understanding that some people like to take their CBD in the form of a familiar supplement, WKND! Wellness offers an option for CBD capsules. These nanoemulsified capsules contain increased bioavailability and a consistent 25mg dose per serving. Each bottle contains 30 CBD softgels for a total of 750mg of CBD per bottle. Each bottle costs $64.99. 

This is the only product made by WKND! Wellness that we didn’t try, so we can’t give an honest review of what we thought. If the quality of their other products is any indication of the quality of their capsules, we think that WKND! Wellness has their CBD bases covered. 

Final Thoughts on WKND! Wellness CBD

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