Write for CBD School

At CBD School our mission is to deliver knowledge about how the cannabis plant can benefit humanity.

So if you think your knowledge of CBD, medical marijuana, or cannabis has the potential of enlightening our readers, we welcome your guest post submission.

However, we wouldn’t want you to waste your time by directly sending us your complete article. Send us an outline of 3-5 of your best blog post ideas to partnership {at} cbdschool . com and our team will get back to you with the one which we think our readers will enjoy.

We might respond to your pitch in anywhere between 2-12 weeks if we are going to go ahead with your idea. We receive hundreds of emails and aren’t always able to provide feedback. But we want you to know that no pitch will go unread and the best of them will always get featured.

Once Your Idea Gets A ‘Go’ Signal From Us, here are a few suggestions which might help you write an interesting post for cbdschool.com

  1. Guest Posts are ideally 1800 – 2200 words long. The reason we prefer long posts is we want to provide our readers with in depth and useful knowledge.
  2. Try offering something new to the readers. Your personal experiences, ideas, and reviews are great places to start.
  3. Support your content with appropriate examples to relate with the readers.
  4.  Always link to the source of your data.
  5. Provide the links to your sources, especially images at the end of the post along with references.
  6. We do not accept promotional content. If you are looking to be featured on our website, please email us at partnership {at} cbdschool . com to discuss business opportunities.

E-mail us your ideas to partnership {at} cbdschool . com

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